Sanctions Engine

Your employees want and need better tools to more productively and effectively serve customers. Today’s customers expect fast service and less time waiting on hold or standing in line. Having to wait hours, days, or weeks for DMV products or services is no longer acceptable. Customers and stakeholders want more efficient ways of doing business with us that require less paperwork and “red tape.” Customers want self-service options and increased opportunity to conduct DMV business online.

Our Sanctions Engine can help you achieve these improvements by making and automating decisions based on your State laws and regulations, business rules, data, and analytics. It lets you leverage data insight, build predictive models, and author business rules to define automated decisions. It also allows you to measure and maximize decision quality and deploy, evolve and optimize decisions. It is flexible, allowing you to manage risk based on your current situation and environment, so you can easily adjust the level of automation for each use case.

The ever-changing needs of customers demand that States become more innovative providers of services. The DMV Innovations Sanctions Engine is an efficiency that will save money by reducing training and processing time while improving customer service. Our Sanctions Engine performs at the highest level of confidence and reliability while maintaining security and confidentiality