DMV Modernization

We offer reduced risk due to lessons learned on projects of similar nature. We have a manager dedicated to Customer Success who was recently in your shoes. She has worked at all levels of DMV modernization projects and understands the complexities and unique challenges faced. She was on the AAMVA International board, president of her regional board, advisor to the AAMVA Driver Standing committee, and advisor to the AAMVA system modernization working group all leading her to have the knowledge and resources needed to drastically reduce risk.

DMVI offers innovative technology to simplify and automate processes while maintaining security and transparency. Our technical experts are unique in that they bring a fresh perspective to the DMV industry. Having recently implemented a system that is unlike any other, they bring tools from other industries that not only can be used for Government, they will change Government, specifically the DMV industry.

DMVI is affordable. We know that funding and budgets in State Agencies are limited and we can deliver a sustainable system at a reasonable price.

DMVI understands DMV stakeholders and customers. We know that implementing a new system should not adversely impact customer service, should make providing that service easier for your staff, and should make your Commissioner, Governor, and legislators proud.

We understand the communication and coordination required to maintain consistency with offices across the State and third parties such as County Treasurers. We have a unique Organizational Development approach and would love to partner with you.