Digital Drivers Id

In August of 2016 the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) started funding projects to implement pilots for Digital Driver’s Licenses (DDL) in support of trusted identities.  The Driver’s License has become more than just a license to drive; it is part of a citizen’s identity.

The introduction of new technologies such as blockchain or dual and bio authentication for mobile devices has elevated digital security to the these National Standards.  Today a DDL on your mobile device is much more secure then that plastic license stuck in your wallet.

The convenience and flexibility of a DDL is just as important as it’s potential to reduce fraud and protect privacy.  Although there are obstacles to adoption and managing the change there is a clear understanding that it is not a question of if the digital driver’s license will replace the plastic one; it is just a question of when it will.

We believe that most states will be forced to design and implement a program to operate in a hybrid model as the change is made over the course of a few years.  Our experts and technologists can provide guidance on your planning and strategy to transform your state’s DL program.